Luca Carboni

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luca carboni

Luca Carboni (Bologna, 12 ottobre 1962) è un cantautore e musicista italiano. Ha debuttato sulla scena musicale nel 1981 come chitarrista e compositore del gruppo Teobaldi Rock, esordendo come solista nel 1984. Si è sempre distinto per il carattere intimista e riflessivo dei suoi testi.

“He cultivated his love of music from a young age, studying piano from the age of six, and by 14 he was organizing rock groups among his musician friends. Playing gigs with these punk and new wave-influenced groups, Carboni became a fixture in Bologna’s underground music scene up through the early ’80s. A friendship with producer Gaetano Curreri offered Carboni his first solo production with RCA. The record, …Intanto Dustin Hoffman Non Sbaglia un Film, sold better than 30,000 copies, a notable success for the relatively unknown artist. Carboni’s second release, Forever, sold over 70,000 albums. Two years later, a self-titled record featuring radio hits like “Silvio Lo Sai” and “Farfallina” sold a somewhat unbelievable 700,000 units, dragging Carboni with it onto Italy’s Hit Parade. As is common with Italian pop stars, many of these hits were re-released for Spanish audiences, winning Carboni international recognition and acclaim. Many critics of the day chided Carboni for being shallow, with the indulgent aspects of a pop sex symbol. Carboni’s discography grew consistently through the late ’90s and beyond, with new material released roughly every two years to a growing audience. U.S. and European touring between 2003 and 2007 won Carboni widespread popularity and acclaim, establishing him as force in the Italian recording industry”. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

… intanto Dustin Hoffman non sbaglia un film – 07/03/1984
Forever – 03/09/1985
Luca Carboni – 24/09/1987
Persone silenziose -24/11/1989
Carboni – 02/01/1992
Diario Carboni – 25/08/1993
Mondo – 04/10/1995
Carovana – 28/04/1998
Il tempo dell’amore – 22/10/1999
Lu*Ca – 19/10/2001
Luca Carboni Live – 21/10/2003
… Le band si sciolgono – 29/09/2006
Una rosa per te – 16/11/2007
Musiche ribelli – 16/01/2009
Senza titolo – 13/09/2011
Fisico & Politico – 01/10/2013
Live session (solo in download x Amazon) – 27/03/2014
POP-UP – 02/10/2015

(Dalle pagine Wikipedia e MySpace Official del cantante)

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